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Irreversible Mechanism i Essence of Datum w Vinylu

28 listopada 2019, godz.: 19:00 - 00:00


Zapraszamy na koncert dwóch zespołów z Białorusi Irreversible Mechanism i Essence of Datum. Koncert w dniu 28 listopada

Zapraszamy na koncert dwóch zespołów z Białorusi Irreversible Mechanism i Essence of Datum. Koncert w dniu 28 listopada

Zapraszamy na koncert dwóch zespołów z Białorusi.

28.11.2019 (czwartek) ▪ Bramka: 19:00 ▪ Start 20.00

Bilety 25-30 PLN


Essence of Datum

(Instrumental Progressive Metal ▪ Mińsk)

One does not always need words to convey a story. If there’s anything that instrumental progressive metal duo ESSENCE OF DATUM prove, it’s that the power of music can do just that. ‘Spellcrying Machine’, the band’s third full-length, is set for an August release on Season of Mist and is bound to open up their creation to a wider audience.

ESSENCE OF DATUM was formed by guitarist Dmitry Ramanouski in 2011 in Minsk, Belarus. After recording the first demos, the musician was joined by drummer Pavel Vilchytski who quickly became an irreplaceable part of the band as the man behind the machine-gun rhythm section.

From the very beginning, the project was meant to be purely instrumental, thus not giving the listener verbal or lexical means to comprehend or interpret the conceptual universe of the music. Providing fans with mere hints hidden in the artwork and track titles, the musicians challenge the listener to use their own imagination to explore the universe that ESSENCE OF DATUM created. Each album is part of a larger, fictional universe and ultimately, everything is bound together in one single story.

In 2013, the journey began with the release of debut album 'Event Horizon.’ ESSENCE OF DATUM paint there a picture of a surrealistic world by means of soaring guitar melodies and groovy rhythms with an unbelievable technical precision. The second full-length 'Nevermore’ (2017) opened a new chapter in which the ESSENCE OF DATUM universe was tainted by war, struggle, and fear, transformed by the band into powerful songs with melodic grace.

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, the band’s third record, 'Spellcrying Machine’, synthesizes the best of extreme, modern metal into an elegant and articulate whole. ESSENCE OF DATUM invites you to explore their universe.

Band Members:

Dmitry Ramanouski – Guitar
Pavel Vilchytski – Drums
LABEL – Season of mist



(Progressive Death Metal ▪ Mińsk)

Irreversible Mechanism is a music project that began in 2012 by long-term acquaintances.

During 2012 the music that set the stage for a future full-length album has been written. Work on the album started right from the uniting and all the recordings done during the next years in Kiev, Ukraine and hometown Minsk. Initially 12 songs were planned but due to the concept their number was reduced to 9.

The idea of the album is that every song is a chapter of a story. The story about a fictional world where the nature and some other powers resist the consequences of the mankind’s mistakes. Irreversible mechanism that can’t be stopped. Also “Irreversible Mechanism” was taken as a band’s name.

As soon as the material was written and guys didn’t want to waste their time on finding professional group members and decided to suggest Lyle Cooper (ex-Faceless) perform as a session drummer. He was so impressed by the material that gladly agreed to participate.

On December 22, 2014 Irreversible Mechanism self-released their debut album “Infinite Fields” on Bandcamp. Twelve hours later the stream disappeared: Finnish label Blood Music signed the band after hearing just one song, and set the album for physical release later in March 31, 2015.

Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist / Radiance) became a producer of the album.

In 2014 Andrei Parmon with whom Vlad has been acquainted from the childhood joined the group. Firstly as a concert guitarist as mostly he has been involved into some other projects but lately after several concerts he was so inspired by the material and guys’ professionalism that decided fully commit himself to the collaborative work with the band as a guitarist.

In 2015 band starts their partnership with a professional musician Pavel Semin as a bass guitarist.

To support their debut album „Infinite Fields” the band participates in concerts in Minsk and Moscow during 2016-2017. Along with it they started working on the second album.

In the middle of 2017 for drums recording as a session drummer Dan Presland famous for his work with Ne Obliviscaris and Alluvial is invited.

Band Members:

Andrew Parmon – guitar/vocals
Vladislav Nekrash – guitar/vocals
Pavel Semin – bass guitar
Ilya Studenok – vocals
Yan Aladov – session drums


28 listopada 2019
19:00 - 00:00
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